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Report: Brock Turner Creeped Out Members of the Stanford Women’s Swim Team

Brock Turner
Brock Turner Photo: Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office

One of the factors that presumably helped Stanford swimmer Brock Turner get a lenient six-month sentence after being convicted of three counts of sexual assault was the judge’s perception that he was a small-town boy out of his element in college. Turner himself wrote that “coming from a small town in Ohio, I had never really experienced celebrating or partying that involved alcohol,” and blamed his crime on alcohol and “partying culture.”

However, unearthed court documents indicated that Turner was no stranger to using drugs and alcohol while still in high school in Ohio. Now, InTouch reports that he also made members of the Stanford women’s swim team feel uncomfortable prior to his arrest.

“Brock’s arrest wasn’t surprising to anyone on the team. From the beginning, the women swimmers had found him to be very, very odd. Brock would make comments to the women such as ‘I can see your t–s in that swimsuit,’” an anonymous “Stanford swim team insider” reportedly told InTouch“He was warned by upperclassmen on the team to scale back on the partying, but he just didn’t listen.”

The source also told InTouch that “the team has been instructed to not discuss Brock Turner publicly or to the media; however, the entire team completely supports the victim and wishes that Brock had gotten a much harsher sentence.”

Report: Brock Turner Creeped Women Out