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Selena Gomez’s Dancing Partner Is a Cute 6-Year-Old With a Rare Bone-Marrow Disease

Photo: Adrian Sanchez-Gonzalez/Getty Images

Selena Gomez loves to share the occasional photo of herself with fans on Instagram. But on Wednesday night, Gomez didn’t share just any old photo.

Let’s pause for a moment to witness how adorable the dancing duo is. (But, really, just look at the coordination.)

The video clip shows Gomez dancing low to the ground and close to the tiny Nethery as they sing and dance to one of Gomez’s early hits, “Love You Like a Love Song.”

Nethery became an internet sensation last year after videos of her dancing to Zumba amassed millions of views on YouTube.

Nethery, who seems like a little ball of energy, was diagnosed at just 2 months old with Diamond-Blackfan anemia, a rare bone-marrow disorder. Her illness hasn’t stopped her, though, from singing and dancing her heart out.

In fact, she takes cues from pop stars like Taylor Swift, one of Gomez’s BFFs. Swift, Nethery told NBC News, inspired her to sing and dance because of her passion and spirit.

“I just thought I would start singing to maybe put a little bit of passion and spirit in me to help me fight off my disease,” she told NBC News.

She’s since met Swift, and now the little girl can add one more pop star to the list.

Selena Gomez Dances With a Cute 6-Year-Old