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Even Serena Williams Got Sore From Dancing to Too Much Lemonade

Beyonce and Serena.
Beyonce and Serena.

Serena Williams, who it wouldn’t be rude to assume is a little more in shape than you and I, is on the cover of the latest WSJ Magazine. In the story, Williams opens up about a very important time in her life, one that none of us will soon forget: her cameo in Beyoncé’s visual album Lemonade.

While one would assume that the tennis pro floated onto set, did her thing next to Bey, and then went out to dominate on the court, that wasn’t exactly the case. She told WSJ, “I got really sore from dancing!” At least we know now whom to confide in if we ever needed a secret kept. Williams swears, “If you tell me, ‘Don’t say anything,’ I won’t say anything.” Exactly the kind of friend that the queen of the surprise album-drop needs.

Serena Williams Got Sore From Lemonade Dancing