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Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris Consciously Uncouple on Twitter and Instagram

Photo: Getty Images

What’s a girl to do when you’ve posted the carefully curated highlights of your love life on Instagram … and then break up? Delete, delete, delete!

While we were all breathlessly examining the photos of Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston making out, Swift and her ex Calvin Harris were deleting pictures of each other and their sun-kissed, Aryan romance from Instagram. Harris wisely unfollowed Swift on Twitter as well, although the pop star has yet to return to the favor.

Honestly, who could blame them? Sure, you can creep your ex’s Instagram for evidence of how dismal their life is without you, but do yourself a favor and delete them from your stream before they start posting lovey-dovey selfies with their new smooch partner, who just happens to be a Marvel superhero–slash–dapper indie film star making a play for the role of James Bond.

It’s hard enough to know when to unveil a new love interest on Instagram. Too soon and you look desperate; too late and it’s like you don’t even care! Who’s going to broach the whole topic of going public on social media? Ugh, dating in the 21st century is the worst, even if you’re a world-famous pop star. I guess the paparazzi are good for something, after all.

Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris Uncouple on IG