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This Kid Took His Mom, Who Has Terminal Cancer, to Prom — Earns Cool Points for High-School Guys Everywhere

Senior prom season has just wrapped up for most high schools, and when it comes to that final senior dance, there are so many details to get right. Well, no one ever quite gets the boutonnière-adjusting right — until someone’s mom steps in. Idaho teen Dylan Huffaker took the mom tip to a whole other level: His mom was his prom date, and a pretty special one, reports USA Today.

Dylan’s mom, Kerry, was diagnosed with stage-four brain cancer in February. When he showed up to her radiation treatment with chocolate doughnuts reading, “Will you go to prom with me?” she couldn’t believe she’d be his first choice:

“When I realized what he was doing, I said, ‘Are you sure you want to go with your bald old mom?’ He responded by telling me I’m going to be the most beautiful one in the room.”

Dylan got help from the local tumor institute who contacted a car dealership. The dealership donated an SUV and took care of the dress and dinner. And if you don’t mind a really hard ugly cry, here’s the vid of their night, and dance, together:

If votes for prom king were based on decent human moves like this, this kid can go ahead and just wear all the crowns.

Teen Takes His Mom With Cancer to Prom