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Sometimes, When You’re Excited, You Just Puke on Paula Abdul — This 12-Year-Old Did

Sometimes, when you go on a televised talent show, all of the judges praise you, and you puke on one of them. When 12-year-old Tahani Anderson auditioned for So You Think You Can Dance, she proved this to be true.

After the little one busted it Beyoncé-style on the dance floor, Abdul told her she was proud of her  — with a hug. That last bit was clearly the wrong move, because Tahani threw up all over Paula’s jacket, mustering an “I’m so sorry” as Paula assured her not to worry.

“I’ve never had anyone just throw up on me like that,” Paula says after Tahani’s out of earshot. That’ll teach her to hug an overexcited kid who’s just performed an exhausting dance routine in front of famous judges.

And that’s pretty much how Tahani tells it: “I hugged Paula, and she just squeezed me too tight, and all the happiness came out onto her jacket.” Happiness, brought to you by Paula Abdul.

This 12-Year-Old Puked on Paula Abdul