This Kindergartner’s Scowl Resulted in a One-of-a-Kind Yearbook Photo

Ceci Negron.
Ceci Negron. Photo: Felix Rust

One 5-year-old’s yearbook photo says more than any words possibly could. Just take a look at Ceci Negron’s yearbook photo, with a scowl so adorable it rivals that of the Dr. Seuss’s Grinch.

Negron, a kindergartner in a Boston-area school, is the proud owner of a yearbook photo that is perfect for a meme, or even a great #ThrowbackThursday photo (if the kids are still doing that in the future).

Ceci’s mom, Rebecca Negron, told ABC News that her daughter initially didn’t want her mom to buy a yearbook. It wasn’t until Ceci brought the book home that Negron realized exactly why: Instead of a smile there was a big ol’ frown on Ceci’s face.

Her daughter, she explained to ABC News, appears really serious when she smiles with pursed lips. So school staff apparently asked little Ceci to try a different smile, only to elicit laughter at whatever smile she managed.

Obviously, little Ceci was having none of that, and she shot back a glare so perfect we’re lucky it was captured for posterity.

“Ceci is a very sweet and sassy girl who is not afraid to express herself,” Negron told “She is quite articulate and has no problem letting anyone know if they have somehow offended her.”

The idea for a yearbook sprang from the students, who wanted to “do cheesy High School Yearbook style images,” Felix Rust, the photographer who captured Ceci’s glorious scowl, told New York Magazine via email. The only instructions for the students were “Do whatever you want.”

So far, Ceci’s okay with people seeing her smile turned upside down. “I explained that people think it’s funny because it’s endearing and people think she’s funny, so she thinks it’s funny,”  Negron told ABC News.

Here’s to Ceci, whose scowl warmed the hearts of all.

This Kindergartner’s Scowl Is Picture-Perfect