Save a Few Thousands Dollars by Making Your Wedding Dress Out of Literal Toilet Paper

Photo: Dietmar Humeny/EyeEm/Getty Images

Behold the glory of the natural successor to the duct-tape prom dress: the toilet-paper wedding dress. The website Cheap Chic weddings and Charmin have crowned the winners of their annual Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest, and their creations are wildly impressive considering they’re made of literal toilet paper. (Not only are they much cheaper than a standard wedding dress, they make using the bathroom during the reception infinitely easier too.)

Van Tran of Brooklyn, New York, won the $10,000 first prize for her creation. Judith Henry of Woodland Hills, Utah, came in second place, while last year’s winner, Donna Vincler of Brentwood, Tennessee, came in third. Should you want to watch all ten finalists walk down the runway in toilet-paper finery, you can do so here.

And so here is the DIY-dress circle of life: You are born. You go to school. You make a duct-tape prom dress and attend prom with your high-school sweetheart, James. You go to college and dump James over Thanksgiving break, even though it was nice of him to agree to wear a duct-tape suit to prom. You start a nice career, and you meet Brad. You marry Brad in an elaborate and touching ceremony; everyone agrees you are a vision in your toilet-paper wedding dress. You have an enviable work-life balance until you retire. You and Brad grow old together, though sometimes you still think about James — you hope he’s happy. You die surrounded by loved ones. Your toilet-paper wedding dress has entirely disintegrated by then.

Make a Wedding Dress Out of Literal Toilet Paper