Really, All the Confusion in This Bridget Jones’s Baby Trailer Could Be Solved With a Threeway

A new trailer for Bridget Jones’s Baby has arrived and it shows that, as she enters her 40s, Renee Zellweger’s Bridget Jones has evolved into a successful businesswoman with maturity and grace. Just kidding — she can’t figure out whether she’s been impregnated by ex-husband Mark Darcy (They’re divorced?! Why, God?) or new, exceedingly decent-seeming hottie Jack Qwant, played by Patrick Dempsey. Meanwhile, Emma Thompson is on hand to be a serious medical professional make X Factor jokes. Look, “Who’s the father?” is such a 2000s question. There is no reason we can’t end this film with a polyamorous triad. Literally no reason. And it doesn’t come out until September 16! Plenty of time for reshoots if necessary.

Trailer: Bridget Jones’s Baby But Who’s the Dad?