A Powerful Explanation of the Importance of Bathroom Access, by Transgender Activists

In this video from a new film project by Transparent director Silas Howard, trans activists share powerful facts about what it really means to use a public restroom. Amid the country’s ongoing bathroom-bill debate over bathroom access for trans people, consider this: More U.S. senators have been arrested for public misconduct in bathrooms than trans people. Seventy percent of trans people have reported negative reactions while using a bathroom. Fifty-four percent have had health problems because they didn’t have access to a restroom.

“Trans102” is the first episode of a nine-part series teasing the documentary film project More Than T, by Howard and trans activist Jen Richards, which will debut later this summer. The project is supported by a $1.2 million transgender initiative by the MAC AIDS Fund.

Powerful Bathroom Facts From Trans Activists