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Birds Have Been Stealing Skinny-Dippers’ Underwear for Nests

Photo: Scott Heavey/Getty Images

Skinny-dippers in some popular swimming spots in Scotland have had to go home without their underwear, or sometimes even their pants or socks.

The reason? The area’s red kites, a type of predatory bird, have been swooping in and picking up spare clothing to build their nests.

The little thieves.

The incidents took place in a popular swimming area near Glen Esk in Angus, Scotland. People usually walk off in the highland glen area for a skinny-dipping session, but during the last two years, red kites have been taking clothing from unsuspecting swimmers, according to The Telegraph.

“It seems they will take anything to line the nest, then lay the eggs on top, and someone must have gone home minus some underwear,” Dave Clement, a gamekeeper in the area, told The Telegraph.

Who knew birds had such high-end taste?

It’s True — Birds Are Preying on Underwear