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America Ferrera Would Like to Revive Ugly Betty, But Needs Your Help

Hashtag: Betty Reboot
Hashtag: Betty Reboot Photo: Rick Kern/2016 Getty Images

With the wonderful world of streaming services more abundant than ever in 2016, the chances of your favorite shows of yesteryear returning for a few episodes are now higher than ever. (Hello, Gilmore Girls.) Inherently aware of this nostalgia, the cast of Ugly Betty who reunited Saturday night at the ATX Television Panel were armed and ready to pitch a potential revival.

“Hulu’s going to pick us up for a two-hour special,” America Ferrera, who starred as the titular Betty, initially joked, before continuing in all seriousness: “That’s not true, but if you tweet it … everybody here take out your phone. Hashtag: Betty Reboot. We need a hashtag and tweet it out and then we’re going to get Hulu to buy a two-hour special.”

The rest of the cast present Michael Urie, Tony Plana, Eric Mabius, Ana Ortiz, Vanessa Williams, Mark Indelicato, Rebecca Romijn, Ashley Jensen, and Judith Light  also seemed delighted at the idea of a revival. “Here’s the only thing I know for sure — if we were to do something, it would be a dream, but everybody on this stage would have to be involved. And Becki Newton,” showrunner Silvio Horta said. “There’s a lot more stories to tell.” A Mode across the pond, perhaps?

Ugly Betty Cast Reunites, Discusses Revival