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The Ultimate Bread Face Summer Playlist

Bread Face.
Bread Face. Photo: breadfaceblog/Instagram

Remember Bread Face, the mysterious internet hero who amassed more than 80,000 Instagram followers by smushing her face into various breads? (Cut hero Allison Davis even tried it out herself, and found the results illuminating).

What you may not have noticed, perhaps because you were distracted by the unfamiliar sight of a woman burying her face in a mound of complex carbohydrates, is that Bread Face has wonderful taste in music. Each bread-facing video comes with its own backing track, and the selection of songs is delightfully eclectic, ranging from top 40 hits to classic hip-hop to eccentric picks like the Cocteau Twins and Kate Bush. While the rationale for her bread-and-song pairings remains elusive — what made her decide that the Pixies paired well with a croissant, while Rihanna with cornbread? — we know better by now than to question her methods.

Below, we’ve compiled all the songs we could find into a Spotify playlist. Great for parties, great for the beach, and, of course, great for plunging your forehead into a pile of spongy Wonder Bread. Enjoy!

Note: This has been updated with a more extensive playlist courtesy of Bread Face herself.

The Ultimate Bread Face Summer Playlist