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Have the Kardashians Been Betrayed by Their Favorite Bakery?

Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Both fans and non-fans of the Kardashians are probably familiar with the family’s longstanding penchant for celebrating occasions with over-the-top cakes. Historically, the family has been loyal to Hansen’s, a Los Angeles area bakery known for selling cakes piped with mountains of buttercream roses (You may especially recognize them from the time Kylie Jenner was rumored to have given her friend a cake with an expletive piped on it).

However, the world was deeply shaken when Kim Kardashian tweeted early this morning that her family was searching for a new bakery.

It doesn’t look like the bakery is closing, seeing as they updated their blog as recently as this morning, so it’s unclear what has prompted the Kardashians to break things off with Hansen’s. We do have one guess:

Photo: Hansen Cakes
Why Do the Kardashians Need a New Bakery?