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This Woman’s Divorce Photoshoot Is an Inspiration to Us All

Photo: Arash Azarkerdar / EyeEm/This content is subject to copyright.

Hero is often overused on the internet, but in this case the term is apt. Catherine Marie Meisenburg celebrated her divorce by staging a scorched-earth, no-fucks-given photo shoot that resembles a righteously vengeful Miranda Lambert song come to life. Catherine Marie Meisenburg is a hero.

Meisenburg’s photographer friend Angela Josephine Ferraro shot the series for her, which includes photos of Meisenburg lighting a picture of her and her ex on fire, smashing a cake with a baseball bat and then licking the frosting off the bat, and unzipping a wedding dress to reveal a black corset (that particular sequence symbolizes “getting out of the relationship,” Ferraro told BuzzFeed).

Meisenburg’s ex couldn’t be reached for comment, presumably because this photo shoot bodied him.

Woman’s Divorce Photo Shoot Is Inspiration