A New Film Proves That Knitting Is an Art Form

While your childhood associations with knitting might be your grandmother crafting you a sweater from puce yarn that you would never wear, it’s time to set aside the stigma we have toward the craft of knitting and start seeing it in a new light. Knitting and crocheting and all-things yarn are now taking on a different form than a sweater you’ll never wear: They’re art. A new film, titled Yarn, highlights the stars behind the redefined movement.

Directed by Una Lorenzen, Yarn explores the sexist implications of the art world leaving some of the most accomplished yarn graffiti artists out of its canon, and what these artists are doing to push yarn-work into the limelight. Watch this exclusive clip from the film below in which Polish-born artist Olek crotchets vibrant full-body suits for a team of people to parade in the streets; Yarn premieres at IFC Center this week and across the country this summer. “This is what they call art!” one onlooker exclaims. For more info, visit the Yarn site.