Yoga Instructor Accused of Killing Her Twin by Driving Her Off a Cliff in Hawaii Has Been Cleared of Murder Charges

Alison and Ann Dadow (otherwise known as Alexandria and Anastasia Duval).
Alison and Ann Dadow (otherwise known as Alexandria and Anastasia Duval). Photo: Courtesy of Twitter/aguyonclematis

Earlier this week, the world was captivated by the “Lifetime-movie script come to life” case of yoga-instructor twins Alison and Ann Dadow, who went by the fake names Alexandria and Anastasia Duval. Witnesses saw the two “screaming and arguing with each other” before their SUV plunged off a 200-foot cliff in Maui; Ann died, while Alison survived and was later arrested after allegations arose that she intentionally caused the crash that killed her twin.


Now KHON2 reports that a Maui judge has dropped the second-degree-murder charge against Alison, citing a lack of evidence that the crash was intentional.

Prosecutor John Kim said, “I believe the evidence did have enough probable cause to show that this was an intentional act.” According to KHON2, court records showed the following:

Investigators found that there were no attempts of braking, based on witness accounts, roadway debris at the scene, and the vehicle’s airbag control module, which “showed that prior to and at the time of the vehicle’s collision into the wall, there was hard acceleration and a hard left steering input … ”

Prosecutors still have the opportunity to bring this case to a grand jury. Regardless of how this plays out, there’s no way Lifetime doesn’t already have its best writers hard at work at a movie adaptation.

Yoga Instructor Accused of Killing Twin Cleared