You Will Never See Blake Shelton’s Nipples So Long As You Live

Blake Shelton.
Blake Shelton. Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Late last night, “Page Six” published perhaps its most intense “exclusive” yet. Are you ready to read the headline? It’s “EXCLUSIVE: Why You’ll Never See Blake Shelton With His Shirt Off.” Oh, dang.

The report was prompted, it seems, by this photo of Shelton standing neck-deep in a pool, completely clothed. He is holding his public companion, Gwen Stefani, who is wearing a bikini.

“You will never see him shirtless,” a source told “Page Six.” “Backstage … he always keeps his dressing room closed. At photo shoots, he will not change on set. He goes back to his dressing room whenever he needs to take his clothes off.”

What’s going on there?

According to the same source, Shelton is just “so shy about showing off his body.”

That’s okay.

(Don’t try Googling “Blake Shelton shirtless,” because I already did that and nothing comes up.)

You Will Never See Blake Shelton’s Nipples