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And Now Here’s Accused Serial Rapist Ian Connor Threatening Women on Twitter

Ian Connor.
Ian Connor. Photo: Joe Schildhorn /

Starting in April, women began to accuse stylist — and close friend and collaborator of Kanye West — Ian Connor of rape. Since then, seven women have officially come forward with allegations, though Amber Rose has said that the number is actually more like 21. A$AP Mob, who have also been close with Connor, have been distancing themselves from him — culminating in a public fight in Paris in June — while West has noticeably stayed silent on the matter.

As for Connor himself, it appears as if he’s been responding to the controversy by DMing threats to women who have tweeted about him being a rapist.

After Daily Beast writer Marlow Stern tweeted that conversation out, another woman named Remy replied with her own DMs from Connor, in which he wrote, “This is Internet, I don’t need this, niggas can catch you lacking in real life Remy don’t forget that.”

Meanwhile, Connor tweeted several times since the initial conversation was leaked, including one angry tweet at Vulture writer Craig Jenkins, who suggested that his threats might be a basis for his account to be suspended. Overall, Connor seemed unconcerned with his threats being made public. 

Accused Rapist Ian Connor Threatens Women Online