America Ferrera Has Some Feelings About Trump

Photo: David Livingston/Getty Images

America Ferrera stopped by Real Time with Bill Maher last night to talk about Trump’s frothy-mouthed rants at last week’s RNC. Like most of us, she had a lot of feelings about them. Unlike most of us, she got to share hers on HBO, and not just on Twitter or during uncomfortable family dinners.

Ferrera, who is one of Hillary Clinton’s veritable army of surrogates, spoke directly to Trump’s stance on immigration, among other things. “Immigrants, undocumented or documented, are less likely to commit crimes,” Ferrera said.

“You know who drives perfectly? Latinos. Because they don’t want to fuck with the police. Everybody else in LA drives like a maniac. You get behind a truck with a lawn mower — never, ever does anything wrong. It’s true!” Maher interjected.

Ferrera, showing the sort of patience that can only be earned from years of sharing traveling pants with three other teenagers, gently reprimanded him, “That’s stereotyping, Bill.”

They went on to discuss why Trump has 0 percent of the African-American vote, what Trump’s appeal could possibly be to Latino-Americans, the recklessness of the #bernieorbust folks, and voter suppression.

America Ferrera Has Some Feelings About Trump