live every week like it's shark week

Blake Lively Loves Shark Week

Photo: Courtesy of Columbia Pictures

For some of us, the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week is a toothy, clammy nightmare. For Blake Lively, who goes snout to snout with a CGI shark in The Shallows, Shark Week is her happy place.

Lively’s Instagram has been peppered of late with pro-shark propaganda, from shark art to crazy Jaws-inspired lip art and even a wee macaron topped with a shark fin. She’s also shared plenty of information about the dangers humans pose to sharks, and the importance of shark conservation. She even got super close to a great white female shark, thanks to a conservation team led by Mike “Sharkman” Rutzen.

Lively spent her Sunday morning watching Shark Week. (I hope she was DVRing TCM to watch later with Ryan Reynolds, because their long weekend programming is really great.) She captioned the pic with a quote from a shark expert, writing, “‘The more we study these creatures the more we learn they’re not mindless killing machines. They’re sophisticated creatures and communicate to avoid conflict when they can.’ #SHARKweek is my Yoda.”

I can definitely get behind some shark behavior, such as the female shark who ate a male shark that had gotten on her last nerve, but what about seagulls, Blake? What about your old pal Steven Seagull, who stood by you while you tried to avoid becoming a shark snack for our viewing pleasure? The shark in The Shallows wasn’t even real! How soon we forget those who supported us in our time of need.

Blake Lively Loves Shark Week