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Caitlyn Jenner Stars in New H&M Campaign Video

Caitlyn Jenner.

In a new video for H&M’s “For Every Victory” campaign, Caitlyn Jenner speaks about her transition over a montage of athletes who have overcome adversity — including Mike Coots, a surfer who lost his leg to a shark, and Chelsea Werner, a gymnast with Down syndrome. The video also includes old footage of Bruce Jenner competing at the Olympics. 

Jenner was tapped as the face of H&M Sports back in March, while this new video celebrates the launch of the “For Every Victory” collection. In it, she admits, “I thought it was too late. I thought the goal was too far away. I felt like I couldn’t do it alone or with the entire world watching my every step,” adding, “nothing came easy — but nothing truly important ever does. To keep going no matter what the obstacles is what victory looks like, whether you’re representing your country — or yourself.”