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Meanwhile, Calvin Harris Reportedly Has a New Girlfriend

Calvin Harris and Tinashe.
Calvin Harris and Tinashe. Photo: BFA

It’s a rare good day for Calvin Harris. The professional DJ has been failing for weeks to keep up with the superior PR skills of his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift, but last night Kim Kardashian fixed that situation for him. And now this morning, in a perfectly timed exclusive, “Page Six” reports that Harris has a new girlfriend: the R&B singer Tinashe.

A “source” tells “Page Six,” “They have been seeing each other on the DL. It’s only been weeks, so it’s still pretty casual right now. They’ve been on a few dates.”

The two met in 2014 when they collaborated on the song “Dollar Signs,” which is okay.

Enjoy this moment, Calvin Harris!

Calvin Harris Reportedly Has a New Girlfriend