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Celebrities Now Paying to Have People Literally Bite Them

Kanye West.
Kanye West. Photo: Raymond Hall/Getty Images

Celebrities always seem to be on the forefront of new, kooky trends. And when it comes to massages, there’s already a variety of different kinds of options that go beyond simply deep-tissue, oil-slathering, and “anti-anxiety.” That’s why some stars are now paying to have people bite them.

The likes of Kanye West and Katy Perry have apparently paid between $150 and $250 an hour for a massage that can come with a good old bite from Dorothy Stein, a masseuse who’s been working with celebrities since the early 1980s, according to Hollywood Reporter. Biting someone’s back during a massage is supposed to cause better blood circulation, much like cupping does, she told the site.

Stein first began massaging rock stars and musicians as a way to get into the shows for free (because who wouldn’t?). “I went to every Def Leppard show and massaged them,” she told Hollywood Reporter. “I built a network with those people and eventually started massaging bands to get into shows.”

These days, though, Stein is a little over the whole give-a-massage and get-in-for-free business plan she had set up. She’s since build quite a repertoire of celebrity clients over the years, though not everyone is a fan of her biting them on the back. Hm, wonder why.

Celebrities Paying People to Bite Them