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Celebrities Now Paying to Have People Literally Bite Them

Kanye West.
Kanye West.

Celebrities always seem to be on the forefront of new, kooky trends. And when it comes to massages, there’s already a variety of different kinds of options that go beyond simply deep-tissue, oil-slathering, and “anti-anxiety.” That’s why some stars are now paying to have people bite them.

The likes of Kanye West and Katy Perry have apparently paid between $150 and $250 an hour for a massage that can come with a good old bite from Dorothy Stein, a masseuse who’s been working with celebrities since the early 1980s, according to Hollywood Reporter. Biting someone’s back during a massage is supposed to cause better blood circulation, much like cupping does, she told the site.

Stein first began massaging rock stars and musicians as a way to get into the shows for free (because who wouldn’t?). “I went to every Def Leppard show and massaged them,” she told Hollywood Reporter. “I built a network with those people and eventually started massaging bands to get into shows.”

These days, though, Stein is a little over the whole give-a-massage and get-in-for-free business plan she had set up. She’s since build quite a repertoire of celebrity clients over the years, though not everyone is a fan of her biting them on the back. Hm, wonder why.

Celebrities Paying People to Bite Them