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Never Let Go of This Titanic-Themed Vetements Sweatshirt, Celine Dion

Celine Dion in Vetements
Celine Dion in Vetements Photo: KCS Presse / Splash News

Unless Paris Hilton steps out in the Juicy Couture for Vetements tracksuit, there won’t be a more self-aware Vetements-related moment this season. Celine Dion, now a budding style star thanks to new stylist Law Roach, and the toast of Paris couture week, just wore … a Titanic-themed sweatshirt from the brand.

Near, far, where-AYYYYYY-ver you are — you have to admit that this is the perfect intersection of camp, streetwear, and “this one’s for my ‘90s kids” nostalgia, perfectly calculated to set the fashion-internet ablaze. (And for those in the market, this piece of living history will set you back a mere $885.)

Here’s Celine Dion in Titanic-Themed Vetements