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23 Cheap Summer Dresses to Buy Right Now

We’re approaching the time of year when pants are simply not an option. But while summer dresses are cute, they tend to come with an expiration date, since the fabric is usually too thin to wear with layers into the colder months. You could fork out hundreds of dollars on dresses that only work for a couple of months out of the year — or you could go the cheap route. With everything from floral maxi gowns to metallic minis, we’ve got you covered.

Wear the zipper all the way up or lower it, depending on the occasion.
Forever 21 dress, $35 at Forever 21 

You can’t go wrong with a simple wrap dress like this. It works with flat sandals or heels, and you can dress it up if you need to. 
Topshop dress, $20 at Topshop 

A simple, striped sweaterdress that’s perfect for places where the AC’s on blast.
Ann Taylor dress, $45 at Ann Taylor 

The perfect dress for running errands or going to brunch.
J.Crew denim dress, $42 at J.Crew 

Probably one of the most versatile dresses on this list, since you can layer under and over it with ease. 
H&M dress, $24 at H&M 

Here’s a rarity: a tiered sundress that’s not too trendy or bohemian. 
ASOS dress, $25 at ASOS 

If you want that Gigi Hadid vibe, you can find it at Boohoo for only $44.
Boohoo dress and duster set, $44 at Boohoo 

This will make you look put-together with literally no effort.
Forever 21 dress, $33 at Forever 21 

A trendy, off-the-shoulder frill dress so you can get those likes on Instagram.
Zara dress, $30 at Zara 

A sleeveless midi dress like this one from ASOS looks great with sneakers or Birkenstocks.
ASOS dress, $30 at ASOS 

This has a fun, not-too-trendy print, so you can actually get some use out of it past this summer. 
Zara dress, $35 at Zara 

A flouncy maxi dress purchase that you won’t regret.
H&M dress, $49 at H&M 

A grown-up bohemian dress that cuts right below the knees, so you can still pull it off in a modern way with heels. 
ASOS dress, $35 at ASOS

A simple black dress to wear with sneakers on the weekends that will still look cute with a jacket on cooler nights. 
Urban Outfitters dress, $24 at Urban Outfitters

A strong option for workdays when you’re running around to meetings and want to look professional without being uncomfortable.
Boohoo dress, $44 at Boohoo

A sweet, off-the-shoulder dress with a fun, floral motif.
Forever 21 dress, $58 at Forever 21

J.Crew Factory says this dress is a $70 value, but it’s just $34.50.
J.Crew dress, $34.50 at J.Crew

This nice and simple dress would look great with sandals or even white platform sneakers.
Forever 21 dress, $34 at Forever 21 

Get those trendy Clueless vibes. 
Forever 21 dress, $23 at Forever 21

Don’t wear this chic metallic dress if you don’t want all eyes on you.
Topshop dress, $50 at Topshop  

A simple, sweet dress that serves as a blank slate for whatever styling you desire. 
Urban Outfitters dress, $49 at Urban Outfitters

A much-needed shirtdress for work that you can wear with tights when it gets colder.
Topshop dress, $30 at Topshop

Perfect for all those weddings you have this summer, and under $40.
Zara dress, $39 at Zara 

23 Cheap Summer Dresses to Buy Right Now