It Just Became a Lot Easier to Get This Crazy-Effective Acne Drug

Photo: markcarper/Getty Images

Differin, ye olde acne drug of your teens and 20s is now available over the counter. The FDA approved the clear gel for over-the-counter use today. This marks the first time that a retinoid will be available without a doctor’s prescription.

Originally approved by the FDA for prescription use in 1996, Differin uses a specific synthetic retinoid known as adapalene that’s formulated to target acne. Not to be confused with over-the-counter retinols that are wimpy and bumbling failures in comparison, Differin both exfoliates and reduces inflammation to shrink and ultimately eliminate mild to moderate forms of breakouts.

The new FDA ruling goes into effect immediately, but like any retinoid,  after consistent use you’ll still need to wait at least a month to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Differin Gel Acne Drug Just Got Easier to Buy