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Yesterday, Democrats Nominated Their First Female Presidential Candidate. Today, Trump Told a Woman to ‘Be Quiet’ on Live TV.

No you did not.
No you did not. Photo: Courtesy of Twitter/NBCNightlyNews

History was made on Tuesday when Democrats unanimously voted to nominate Hillary Clinton — the first-ever woman candidate — for president of the United States. Clinton simultaneously accepted the nomination and encouraged young girls to follow in her footsteps, and even Bill took on a secondary role. Meanwhile on Wednesday, Donald Trump — the Republican nominee for president — told a female reporter to “be quiet” on live television.

The moment came during a press conference in which Trump discussed, among other things, Hillary Clinton’s emails. When NBC’s Katy Tur asked Trump whether he had “any qualms about asking a foreign government, Russia, China, anybody, to interfere, to hack into a system of anybody in this country,” he talked loudly over her.

Tur pressed him, reading back one of his own quotes, to which he replied, “Well, they probably have [the emails]. I’d like to have them released.”

“Does that not give you pause?” Tur asked.

Trump replied, “No, it gives me no pause. If they have them they have them. I’d like to have them released.” As Tur continued talking, Trump said, “You know what gives me more pause? That a person in our government — crooked Hillary Clinton — be quiet; I know you want to, you know, save her — that a person in our government, Katy, would delete or get rid of 33,000 emails … now if Russia, or China, or any other country has those emails, to be honest with you I’d love to see them.”

Tur asked no further questions, and Trump moved on. But don’t worry, guys — despite blatantly belittling them on national television, Trump is doing really well with women.

Donald Trump Tells Woman Reporter to ‘Be Quiet’