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Don’t Judge This Horse Who Got Hair Extensions

Bob the horse
Bob the horse Photo: BBC News

Bob, a brown stallion who lives in England, emerged with a new look this week. “Did he lose weight?” the pigs wondered. “Did he finally break up with that mare?” the cows mused. “TMZ caught him leaving a plastic surgeon’s office!” the ducks squawked. But the source of the swing in Bob’s step was a new set of hair extensions, which were attached to the stallion’s tail.

Bob without extensions Photo: BBC News

Before the extensions, Bob’s hair was all but gone, thanks to a former owner who left a wet tail bandage on too long. The bandage destroyed Bob’s hair follicles and left him without an easy way to swat flies and prevent bug bites. Hearing of his need for a new mane, an animal charity rallied behind the horse and raised money for an artificial tail, which is attached in the morning and removed at night. Now Bob has a new, shiny tail, though haters will say that it looks fake and he’s become a hot monster.

Don’t Judge This Horse Who Got Hair Extensions