Fabio Is Looking for a Nice, Simple Woman to Eat Butter Substitute With

Il Fabio
Il Fabio

Fabio, an anthropomorphized slab of beef with excellent hair, recently spoke to noted sex website Today about what he looks for in a woman.


I don’t like complicated women. I like a simple woman and someone with a beautiful soul. Somebody who makes me laugh, somebody with a great sense of humor.

Hmmmm. It’s eerily similar to how he describes his corporate relationship with I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!®. Fabio waxed poetic about the brand, saying:

They’re nice, they’re easygoing. They’re really fun to work with. They’re always trying to bring a twist of fantasy into a world where you turn on the news and everything is bad news, bad news. It’s tongue in cheek. They don’t take themselves too seriously, I don’t take myself too seriously, so it’s a perfect combination.

Fabio Is Looking for a Nice, Simple Woman