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Hard Candy Sues Katy Perry’s Makeup Venture Over a Heart

Katy Perry (thief, amirite?)
Katy Perry (thief, amirite?) Photo: Stephane Cardinale/Corbis/Getty Images

Hard Candy, the makeup brand intimately familiar with your Caboodle, is headed to court to take out CoverGirl. In documents obtained by TMZ, the cosmetics company that relaunched in Walmart seven years ago says CoverGirl’s newest collaboration with Katy Perry infringes on its trademarked heart, which it probably, most definitely invented. CoverGirl’s black heart is centered between a few words on each of the products in the line, and, you guessed it, Hard Candy’s heart follows a similar design. Wow, just wait until the brand hears about emoji.

The two brands, side by side.
Hard Candy Sues Katy Perry Over a Heart