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You Can Now Buy Two Locks of Marilyn Monroe’s Hair for Just $8,000

Photo: Bettmann/Getty Images

It’s one thing to idolize Marilyn Monroe by following the late actress’s weird diet or imitating her vintage looks, but now you can take things a step further and purchase a lock or two of the her hair. Two locks of Monroe’s hair will be paraded before potential buyers on a cruise ship from New York to England before they’re put up for auction in November in Los Angeles. Two of Monroe’s dresses will also be on sale, as well as a collection of photos from the East of Eden premiere.

According to the Associated Press, the hair was acquired by Frieda Hull, a superfan-turned-friend of Monroe’s who got them from her hairdresser. (She asked Monroe for permission first, of course.) They’re reportedly being stored in an ultraviolet-protected case, because if you’re buying a dead actresses’s hair, it had better be in pristine condition.

Marilyn Monroe’s Hair Is Going Up for Auction