Will Meryl Streep’s Children Please Just Let Her Sing?

Be free, Meryl, be free
Be free, Meryl, be free Photo: Sam

If you’ve ever downed two tiny bottles of white wine on a plane and decided to watch Ricki and the Flash on a whim, only to find yourself weeping by the end, then you too know that Meryl Streep, along with being one of the greatest actors of our time, can also give a hell of a musical performance. But Streep shared a truly sad story involving her singing at a recent New York screening of her new movie Florence Foster Jenkins, in which she plays the eponymous socialite and amateur opera singer who had a notoriously bad voice.


“Page Six” reports that Streep, one martini in, confessed, “I love singing, and I am not allowed to sing at home because everybody says, ‘Mom, shut up.’”

Well, I do declare, Mamie Gummer, that is no way to treat your mother! Come be our mom, Meryl Streep. We’ll let you sing any time you want.

Will Meryl Streep’s Children Just Let Her Sing?