Meet 5 ‘Plus-Size’ Models Who Should Have Beauty Contracts

Photo: Christian Hahn

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes — but you wouldn’t necessarily know it from looking at the makeup industry. While it’s made increasing strides in ethnic diversity and dismantling the gender binary, progress has been lagging on the size front.

As model Clémentine Desseaux told the Cut in March, plus-size models “never get called for beauty casting, even though we have amazing faces. I went to maybe two beauty castings in my whole career, even though if I was a size zero, I would probably book any fucking beauty campaign. But because I’m plus, I don’t.”

The Cut worked with photographer Christine Hahn to illustrate that beauty knows no size, shooting five curvy models who should be the faces of major beauty campaigns. Click through the slideshow to see Philomena KwaoDenise BidotClémentine DesseauxJordyn Woods, and Robyn Lawley, and stay tuned for interviews with each.

Photographer: Christine Hahn; beauty styling by Kathleen Hou; styling by Diana Tsui; makeup by Angie Parker; hair by Amy Farid.

5 Curvy Models Who Should Have Beauty Contracts