Watch Rihanna Run Bravely Into a Crowd of Screaming Fans for Her ‘Goodnight Gotham’ Video

Photo: Rihanna/YouTube

Rihanna isn’t afraid of anything. Not Norman Bates, not Pokémon Go fans, not open-container laws, and definitely not her fans. The pop star just released a short-but-sweet music video for “Goodnight Gotham,” a bonus track on Anti that tweaks Florence and the Machine’s “Only If for a Night,” and it’s pretty heartwarming!

The video shows Rihanna, fresh from a photo shoot for Anti, headed over in a car to Trocadéro Square in Paris to meet with fans. Whatever they were expecting, it probably wasn’t a reverse-flash-mob-slash-music-video shoot, with the pop icon running toward them for hugs, selfies, and a little crowd surfing. C’est magnifique.

Watch Rihanna Run Into a Crowd of Screaming Fans