pokemon catchers beware

Someone Created an Anti-Pokémon Go List in a Notice to Keep Users From Hunting in the Yard

The hype around Pokémon Go doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of simmering down. The app has already surpassed Tinder in downloads and is at the top of the Apple app store.

And people have been going to extreme lengths to try and catch them all, even venturing off into private, residential areas.

But not everyone is up for hunting Pokémonespecially when it ventures into private property.

On Instagram, one user shared a photo of a notice that looks to have been set up on the gates of a private property.

It begins with a declaration: “This is a PRIVATE yard, for tenants of this building only, NOT for Pokémon chasing.” The next line reads, in all caps: “Get a life and stay out of my yard.”

But this isn’t only a matter of enforcing private property. The writer has an acute distaste for Pokémon Go and makes that abundantly clear, lest there be any mistaking.

“The whole Pokemon hunt is by far the stupidest thing I have ever seen,” the notice reads. And to prove it, the writer lists all of the things he or she has lived through that are much, much stupider than Pokémon Go.

Such marks of stupidity include the likes of: Hammer pants, trickle-down economics, the presidency of George W. Bush, and CSI: Miami.

But this All-American hero has some advice for current Pokémon Go players.

We just hope there’s no rare Pokémon at said bar.

Someone Created an Anti-Pokémon Go List