Please Don’t Ask Tara Reid About Marriage Boot Camp

Photo: Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic

Tara Reid and Jenny McCarthy got beef.

Reid was on McCarthy’s SiriusXM show Friday to discuss Sharknado 4 and Sharknado 4 only, thank you very much. Yes, that’s right. While we were being distracted by all the especially terrible things happening in the world, Syfy somehow cobbled together another movie in this never-ending franchise.

McCarthy, who is married to Donnie “Stop calling me Marky Mark” Wahlberg, riled up Reid by asking about her stint on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars. Reid is currently on the seventh season of the show with her boyfriend Dean May, and it’s going about as well as you might imagine.

“I think the whole thing is absolutely so stupid and silly,” Reid said. “And, like, we’re not even talking about it because there’s confusing things about it. So right now we’re just talking about Sharknado … It’s not worth the time to talk about.” After McCarthy pressed some more, Reid snapped, “Babe, I asked you, please let’s not talk about this show. We’re all here about Sharknado.”

McCarthy lobbed her a softball question or two about Sharknado — how do you get in shape for such a role, you know? — before really going for the jugular and asking about Reid’s history of plastic surgery.

“Are you still … going through surgeries or are you past them?” McCarthy asked, with a touch of Barbara Walters–style concern. That’s when things really went off the rails. McCarthy backhandedly complimented Reid about “being pretty open about things going wrong” in her plastic surgeries, before asking if she’s “good and done, not moving forward with plastic surgery,” which is when Reid snapped.

“I think I’ve made that clear, like, about a 100 times, you know? … Maybe you only read the bad things, but I’ve made that really clear … Read what you want to read. You know, it was really nice talking to you, and really, good luck with your show,” she chirped.

“Good luck to you too,” McCarthy replied. “And I’m so excited about Sharknado and I hope you stay married …”

“I hope you stay married too! I’m sure he’s a nice guy,” Reid said.

“I will. And I hope your knees get a little wobblier than they are already are.” (What does that even mean?)

“My knees? Oh, yeah. Hope your tits get even nicer. Amazing. Same guy who did mine, right?”

It sounded like Reid had already walked out of the studio by the time McCarthy got in one last diss. “Love you, Tara. Good luck with Sharknado 18.”

Reid’s rep issued the following statement:

Tara is a positive person who is against women tearing each other down. She was bullied on Jenny’s and felt ambushed when she came into the show with a positive spirit and in a happy mood. It was very unfortunate how Jenny shifted the conversation for her personal gain when the whole focus should be on Sharknado 4.

Still, this wasn’t quite as satisfying as when The Bachelorette’s Derek Peth zinged McCarthy on Twitter after she made fun of him for crying on camera.

Don’t Ask Tara Reid About Marriage Boot Camp