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Tiffany Trump’s Forgotten Pop Anthem Is the Song of Summer

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Every member of the Trump family has some skeletons in the closet, and today we turn our attention to Tiffany Trump, Donald’s 22-year-old daughter with Marla Maples, a rich kid of Instagram and aspiring Taylor Swift squad member. Like any professional heiress, Trump’s youngest daughter made a vanity pop song when she was 17, and hoooooo boy I have been jamming to it on repeat all morning.

The song is a minimal, synth-heavy club banger called “Like a Bird,” featuring vocals by “Sprite and Logic,” two music men. I’d describe the aesthetic as Ibiza elevator music meets ‘I paid someone to make this for my birthday party.’ It’s song you might bump while cruising in your convertible with the top down, once all other music has been banned from the state-controlled Trump radio station.

Unlike the great vanity tracks of yore, “Like a Bird” lacks the distinguishing human features that could have made it a real viral hit. I have never heard Auto-Tune used so lavishly. It makes Rebecca Black’s “Friday” sound like a cappella. What is Tiffany Trump’s singing voice like in real life? Which one is Sprite and which one is Logic? How did they all meet? These are things we may never know, because the song was made entirely by robots.

The lyrics are basically just filler, although they at least feel on brand. There’s a lot of conspicuous consumption and vague references to “special things.”

Diamonds are so shimmery
Special things uncover me.

This part reads a bit like erotica written by a Twitter bot:

I see you like that spot above
Crawling through the liquid love.

Some of it is admittedly just noise:

You’re cute and you’re tweeting me!
Baby you go beep, beep, beep!

Although, to credit Sprite and/or Logic, the rap portion is pretty good:

Designer jeans, behind the scenes
Kinda like that drama that Madonna brings
Play in my escape, in the drop top coop
We living it up, shine like aluminum foil in the club

Yet while the song is a paean to hedonism and wealth, it also possesses a wistful undercurrent. Who among us has not craved serenity while also living it up?

Everybody partying
Obsessing over crazy things
I just want serenity
While living it up!

It ends on a poignant note, as Tiffany contemplates fleeing the prison that is her silver-spoon lifestyle/da club and ending it all:

(Like a bird like a bird like a bird like a bird)
Need to escape this place.
(Like a bird like a bird like a bird like a bird)
Wanna fly away, take me away.

At very least, it’s better than “This Is What You Came For.” Enjoy!

Tiffany Trump’s Pop Anthem Is the Song of Summer