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Man Uses Cat As Kettlebell for His Own Sick Thirst

Man & kettlecat
Man & kettlecat Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/travbeachboy

Have you ever found yourself halfway through an incredibly difficult exercise class only to realize that you wanted no part of it, but there was no feasible way to escape? This cat can relate.

Model Travis DesLaurier, who goes by TravBeachBoy and describes himself as “A Goofy Dude,” posted a video to his Instagram in which he used his cat Jacob as a light kettlebell, all in the name of likes. You can see the betrayal start to set in on Jacob’s face while Travis is doing cherry pickers, though he’s truly resentful by the time Travis uses his tail to mop up brow sweat.

Free Jacob.

Man Uses Cat As Kettlebell for His Sick Thirst