A Tribute to Samantha Bee’s Patriarchy-Busting Blazer Collection

Photo: TBS

Since Full Frontal debuted in February, Samantha Bee has brightened up the drab late-night landscape with her fearless rants, irreverent wit, and, of course, her impressive collection of power blazers.

Often paired with jeans and sneakers, the power blazer is Bee’s combat uniform, a versatile staple that pairs perfectly with a righteous takedown of the GOP/the NRA/”sociopathic 70-year-old toddler” Donald Trump, or whoever else Sam might have in her crosshairs. Comfortable yet businesslike, stylish without being fussy — not since pantsless Rihanna at the 2014 BFAs or the founding of Zara has the humble blazer enjoyed such a renaissance.

“A blazer is just my life staple,” Sam has said of her decision to forego the usual dress and heels in favor of the distinctive lewk. “I rock a blazer.” Here now, a tribute.

A Tribute to Samantha Bee’s Blazer Collection