Trump Campaign Floats Ivanka for VP Because ‘She’s Got the Looks’

Now that's a vice-presidential face.
Now that’s a vice-presidential face. Photo: Angela Pham/ NYC

With candidates delicately removing themselves from Donald Trump’s potential VP list left and right, the Trump campaign has floated the one person who can never escape him as his potential running mate: his daughter, Ivanka. And so far, as is characteristic of the Trump campaign, both Trump surrogates who’ve mentioned that Ivanka would make a good VP have been sure to emphasize her looks.

“His best running mate, by the way, would be Ivanka,” Senator Bob Corker said, cushioning the blow just after taking himself off of Trump’s short list. “I know that wouldn’t pass muster, probably. But I don’t know that I’ve met a more composed, brilliant, beautiful-in-every-way person.”

And on Thursday morning, Ivanka’s brother, Eric Trump, sided with Corker. “I agree, right?” he said on Fox & Friends. “She’s got the beautiful looks, right? She’s got — she’s smart, she’s smart, smart, smart … She’s certainly got my vote.” Well, if that’s all it takes.

By law the vice-president must be 35 — a requirement Ivanka Trump would barely meet. Her birthday is October 30, “so she’d just make that by seven or eight days,” Eric Trump pointed out, adding, “She’s amazing.”

Trump Campaign Floats Ivanka for VP