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Oh Look, Your College Roommate Was Finally Jailed for Having Sex Too Loudly

So far there's no information on who Warfel had really loud sex with.
So far there’s no information on who Warfel had really loud sex with. Photo: Courtesy of York County Prison

A Pennsylvania woman has even Brooklynites beat. Twenty-five-year-old Amanda Warfel, who was totally your freshman-year roommate, is serving prison time for having sex so loud it shook her neighbor’s bed and dresser, according to police. Warfel pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct toward her neighbors, with whom she shared a wall.

The family of seven, including a terminally ill father and one 17-year-old daughter with cancer, dealt with Warfel’s noise for two years. But when Warfel had sex for ten straight days while the daughter was quarantined after a cancer treatment, the girl’s mother, Tanya Saylor, finally called the police. “She harassed my kids for two years,” Saylor said. “We let it go for two years … I shouldn’t have let it go that long.”

Warfel was ordered to spend 45 to 90 days in York County prison, which she did. She’s currently being held on a detainer from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, but it’s not entirely clear why.

Woman Pleads Guilty to Having Really Loud Sex