Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of August 1

Illustration: Jen May

How good it is that the Earth never stops moving? It keeps giving us chances to grow into ourselves. This week, a new moon in Leo offers a time to dream new dreams, and a time to plant new seeds. There will be a bright fire available to you in the month ahead, so use this week to think: Will you use this fire for courage? Will you use it for change? Will you use it for love?

Aries: Hope doesn’t always feel the same way. Sometimes it flutters, and sometimes it sits in your stomach, heavy as dread. Either way, this is a week for asking yourself how you want to live. This is a week for asking yourself what you’re capable of. You can learn how to speak again. You can soften your heart. You can let your garden grow wild. You will not always feel like you do today.

Taurus: You don’t need to know the future before you start to act. There are doors that will not open until you reach them. There are trails that will stay invisible until you begin to walk. The moving itself can teach you. Your bones know things that your mind can’t yet see. There is wisdom in your body and there is magic in your blood. Try to trust in them this week.

Gemini: This is a week for remembering how to be gentle with yourself. This is a week for remembering how to be generous. You’re already trying in the most genuine way that you can, and you don’t have to ask more from yourself than this. The world is big and you don’t need to hold it all inside. You just have to hold your own kindness, your own magic, your own fire.

Cancer: There are questions whose answers you might never find, and there are questions whose answers might never exist. There are forests full of secrets, and ocean depths no human has ever seen. This is a week for feeling small in the face of this green world. This is a week for feeling sweet in the limits of your own body. Understanding is a gift, but so is mystery.

Leo: Maybe it feels like there’s not enough space for you in this world; maybe it feels like your thoughts themselves are cramped. This is a week for speaking your secrets and desires out loud. Even if there’s nobody there to hear you, the speaking is enough for now. Feel the way your energy sparks when you open yourself up. Watch the colors around you brighten. Showing your true heart to the world, staking your claim in your own life: These are acts of courage.

Virgo: This week, feel your own power like water, like rainstorms, like an ocean. Feel your own power, strange and precious and sweet. You hold such great softness and you hold so much life. This is a strength that can go unnoticed or undervalued, but think of all the things that have been unable to stop you. Think of how much more, still, you can do. What would it mean to feel your full strength? What would you do? How would you live?

Libra: This is a week for telling your stories and telling your truths. Your memories belong to you, and so does your future. You can define your own self, and you can set your own rules, and you can build a space where you can live. You hold worlds and worlds inside yourself, remember? You can build new structures. You can tear down walls.

Scorpio: There are weeks when boldness alone can light your way. Try not to be afraid. You can cut your hair; you can speak your mind; you can travel across town, across the river, across the world. Even without a map, you won’t lose your way. The seas can rise and fall. The moon can travel across the sky. Change can bring you closer to yourself.

Sagittarius: Doubting your own thoughts is a valuable skill, but this is a week to trust your vision. This is a week to trust the clear light in your head and the fire in your heart. You know your own limbs and you know your own mind, so where will you let them carry you? Where do you want to go from here?

Capricorn: There is a self that exists inside you. It’s bright and fully formed, and weirder, maybe, than you think the world can bear. It can make sense, sometimes, to keep your realest self hidden, but this is a week to let it out into the physical world. You deserve to breathe air that smells like summer pines, and you deserve to shine as warm as the summer sun. You don’t need to make yourself smaller. This world was made for you, too.

Aquarius: This week, when the air outside sparks electric, feel the electricity inside yourself, too. Watch the lightning crack through the sky, and feel the thunder inside your own heart. This week, the world will be generous with its energy, so try to use it well. You can use it to make noise, or you can use it to change your whole life, or you can use it to find your way back home.

Pisces: Think, this week, about the ghosts that are haunting you. Think of the sorrows that hold you, and the images that fill your dreams. Where do they come from, and what are they trying to tell you? The gravitational pull of the past is powerful and it never goes away, but there are forces stronger still. You’re still learning.

Your Horoscope for the Week of August 1