Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of July 18

Illustration: Jen May

This week brings a full moon in Capricorn — there’s energy in the air and electricity in your thoughts. What you’ve been working on can come to fruition, and what you’ve been dreaming can spring into life. Will you use this vitality to light your way? Will you use it to root yourself? Will you use it to bloom?

Aries: There are things from your past that you might have to reckon with, this week. There are things that have been buried that you’ll finally have to look at; things that have been quiet that will finally speak their names. You belong to your own history, as much as to your own body, and this isn’t a bad thing. It isn’t a failure and it isn’t a trap; it’s just a ground to walk on.

Taurus: This week, you don’t need to think of your life as a straight line ahead; you don’t need to think of your days as a march forward. It’s a gift, to be able to move in these loops and circles. You can bend, you can dance, you can keep your balance and stay on your feet. Think of your days like the tides — there are weeks for your heart to swell, and weeks for feeling small inside yourself. There are weeks that carry you out into the world, and weeks that carry you back home again.

Gemini: If you’re open and if you’re brave, uncertainty can bring just as much clarity as being right, and it can bring just as much joy. It can open your whole world up. This week is for leaving space for surprise in your life, but it’s more than that. It’s about giving yourself the space to breathe. It’s about letting your thoughts wobble and wander and soar. Hold on to all your courage. You have a voice that can fill up the air. You have a love that can fill up the night.

Cancer: In a wild and noisy world, it’s easy to forget all the wildness inside your own heart. Sometimes you have to make yourself simpler and sometimes you have to shrink down your own desires just to get through the day, and this is okay. But try, this week, to push back. The world is rich with ways to live, and it’s a joyful thing to be as complicated as you are. There are tangled up parts of yourself that can’t be made smaller and can’t be made simple, and these tangled parts, too, can help you to live.

Leo: This is a week for evenings, a week for long twilights, a week for quiet dusk air. This is a week for listening to songs without words; it is a week for seeking softness wherever you can find it. You can’t live a whole life in the evening, like you can’t live a whole life underwater, but the winds and the rivers can sing you back to yourself. The evening sky can bring you clarity, and the night can bring you wild and precious dreams, and still morning will come. You won’t be lonely forever.

Virgo: This week is for asking yourself: How will you live a life with other people? What will you let them show you? What will you let yourself give? You have strong arms and wild dreams, but you aren’t the only person on earth. You need other people, and they need you. The people you love can show you who you are, and they can remind you where you’ve been. They can laugh and share food and hold you together. They can teach you how to breathe again.

Libra: Even in these strange days, you’re alive and you’re growing and you keep getting wiser. Your joy has as much value as your rage, and your tenderness has as much value as your fire. You don’t need to stop your own blood from flowing. Let yourself follow your feelings of warmth this week, and think how you’ll use them. Think how you’ll hold and share them. Think what you’ll do with all this gold inside you.

Scorpio: There is blood in your veins and a bright moon in the sky and it can be hard, sometimes, to remember the boundary between you and the world. It can be hard, sometimes, holding on to your own self in a world so full of demands on your time and your skin and your soul. This week, as much as you can, use your time the way you want. Just like your life, just like your self, your time belongs only to you.

Sagittarius: Even in this big world full of stars and skies and cities, it isn’t a bad thing to be vulnerable and it isn’t a bad thing to be small. You don’t have to be infinite to be seen and be loved. You don’t have to know the future for the sun to shine on your skin. You can grow and shift and change, and still there will be streets to walk on. Still there will be breakfast to eat.

Capricorn: This week, it’s okay to let your desires guide you. It’s okay to trust that your curiosity can lead you somewhere bright. There are forests full of maples and forests full of pines and mosses that only grow inside caves. You have sharp edges and a kind heart, and you deserve to follow your curiosity as much as your good sense. You deserve to set your own heart beating.

Aquarius: The moments of clarity you’re most looking for can be difficult to find: Your vision is clear, but the world is still strange. This week, try not to be afraid. You know what’s in your heart, and you know which way is north. It isn’t easy to navigate this world, but you can trust your vision, and you can trust your friends, and this can be enough.

Pisces: Sometimes it’s hard just to let yourself live. Sometimes it’s hard to be in a world so large, with a heart so tender and human. This is a week to practice being gentle to your own self. Spend some time alone — take a walk or go swimming or sit out under the stars at night. Even at your softest, you deserve life; even at your strangest, you deserve kindness.

Your Horoscope for the Week of July 18