Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of July 25

Photo: Jen May

Uranus goes retrograde on Friday — this period can focus and reawaken your search for understanding, and it can sharpen your need to be free. You don’t need to act right now, just think: What truths are you looking for? How will you see them clearly? How will you hold them? How will you use them?

Aries: Think of all the things that have been here longer than you have — rocks, trees, the sky, your parents. There are things you’ve been putting off for what feels like so long, but you still have time. You don’t have to wait and you don’t have to worry. This is a week for setting your fear gently down on the ground, and then walking away. You don’t have to hold on to it. You have so much to do.

Taurus: This week, remind yourself: There’s nothing inside you that’s empty and needs to be filled. There’s nothing missing and there is no lack. There is just desire, and sorrow, and love. Now what will you do with these things? How will you hold them and how will you move with them, if you’re already whole? Splash water on your face and get dressed and go outside. This is a week for moving forward with a full heart.

Gemini: You can’t live alone inside your own head, but it’s so hard to live in a world that denies you all the air and light you need. Sometimes the world does not see you the way you need to be seen. Listen: When the world feels weird around your body, there is magic that can hold you. This week, you can trick the world into seeing you right.

Cancer: This is a week for speed and motion and rapids and tides; this is a week for watching the clouds glide fast above your head. There are ways of moving that you haven’t learned yet, and that’s okay. There are ways of moving that you don’t even feel, but they’re happening. Your hair is growing and your heart is beating.

Leo: This is a week for drawing the outline of your own life. This is a week to practice pushing back against a world that wants to change who you are. Remind yourself what your own courage feels like, how it lights up your whole body. This is the work of carving out a space to be free. This is the work of valuing your own life like the precious thing it is.

Virgo: This week, the summer heat can get inside your skin. It can get into your blood. This week, the summer sun can make you wild, or it can make you antsy, or it can fill up your dreams with light. It’s okay if you need to move this week, or if you need to run, or if you just feel restless. You deserve to follow this wildness to its end. Nobody can expect steadiness all the time. There’s a fire in you.

Libra: Let the world surprise you with its largeness this week. Even when you’re doing your laundry or going to work or riding the bus, you can look at the world with clear, open eyes. There are more things to see than you have yet seen, and more things to know than you’ve known. There are people you’ve not yet met who will look at you with kindness and love.

Scorpio: This is a week for believing in your own future. It’s hard sometimes to see how your days will ever lead you to the place you want to go. Listen: These days matter, even the heaviest ones, even the ones that make you want to cry. The things you do matter. There is goodness and energy inside you, and there are still colors and sunlight ahead.

Sagittarius: It might be good, this week, to spend your time in quieter spaces — libraries and bedrooms and long hallways, or parks and mountains and rivers. There’s enough space to sit and dream, enough space to hear your own thoughts begin to move and sing. Even when there is life all around you, this week is for coming back to yourself. This week is for remembering the way home.

Capricorn: The ways that you’ve learned how to live are not the only ways to live, and this is a week for imagining other possibilities. The world keeps changing, but you can change too. You can grow, and you can sharpen your vision. You can practice kindness just like you can practice singing. You can practice vulnerability. You can practice anger. You can practice love. If you listen carefully, the noise resolves itself into song.

Aquarius: It’s summertime and the world is full of different shades of green, hot and lush and strange. This is not a week for denying yourself or holding back. Walk outside and look at all this wild growth, all this joyful life. The earth has so much brightness to show you this week; don’t hide from it.

Pisces: It’s difficult, sometimes, to move through time in a straight line. Sometimes, things from the past still stay with you, heavy in your pocket. Sometimes, things in the future feel so close that they could be inside you, waiting, like seeds. This week, remember that you don’t need map your whole life. You only need to live in it.

Your Horoscope for the Week of July 25