Did You Know Ariana Grande’s New Song is About Having So Much Sex You Can’t Walk After?

Hopefully, by now, you have heard the new Ariana Grande single, the late entry for song of the summer, “Side to Side” featuring Nicki Minaj. While we set aside the fact that it has been almost two years since Nicki Minaj released an album and we are all so freaking tired of waiting, here’s something tangentially related to tide you over: “Side to Side” is about having so much sex that you are forced to crab-walk afterward.

“That whole song is kind of about, you know, soreness — riding leading to soreness,” Grande told MTV News on the red carpet at the VMAs on Sunday. “‘Ride dick bicycle’ is the lyric, indeed.”

Lest we forget, Ariana Grande is dating Mac Miller.

‘Side to Side’ Is About Having So Much Sex You Can’t Walk