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Will This Thin Sponge Save Your Shiny Forehead?

Beautyblender's Blotterazzi
Beautyblender’s Blotterazzi

The Cut has been talking about blotting papers for years now, but maybe it’s time to consider another means of blotting shine away: with a sponge.

Blotterazzi is Beautyblender’s entry into the blotting world. The thin, teardrop-shaped sponges debuted last year with an ambitious tag line: “a better way to blot!” One way Beautyblender backs this claim is with Blotterazzi’s ergonomic design. The fat end of the wedge is cut to sop up oil on the large parts of the face, while the thin tip is tailored to address the corners of the face, near the nose and eyes. Indeed, it does seem to find a way to fit everywhere on my face.

Each mirrored Blotterazzi compact is equipped with two sponges. Since they are reusable, you’re instructed to clean Blotterazzi with Beautyblender’s cleanser after each use, though in my opinion, a mild soap works just fine. After you wash you must lay out the sponge to dry. It’s a lot of work for an oil mop, but compared to throwing away a paper, the sponge is better for the environment. So there’s that.

Its prowess at oil removal is another story. Blotterazzi just doesn’t take away oil as effectively as some papers. Beautyblender might know this already, which may explain why the brand claims skin looks “glowy” but not “greasy.” That’s true. Skin won’t appear matte, but rather bathed in a subtle sheen, not unlike with a great highlighter. The sponge re-deposits makeup (think: the creases near your eyes or mouth) without removing it from your face, too. Afterward, your skin looks like it just received a fresh application of foundation. Skin isn’t dull and it isn’t greasy. It sits somewhere in between.

Beautyblender’s Blotterazzi, $20 at Dermstore or Amazon.

Will This Thin Sponge Save Your Shiny Forehead?