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Dad Accidentally Eats Four Pot Brownies, Yells at Cat

Photo: Janet Rhodes/Getty Images

This week in Dads Will Be Dads, police were called to a house in Omaha on Tuesday night with reports of an accidental overdose. What they found was a deeply tripped-out dad, one who had accidentally consumed four pot brownies and was yelling at the family cat. 

When paramedics arrived to the house, they found the dad was exhibiting some “odd behavior — crawling around on the floor, randomly using profanities and calling the family cat ‘a bitch.’” Apparently, when unloading groceries from his car that night, he had found a bag of brownies in the backseat and had proceeded to chow down on them without looking into their origin.

But that’s not even the most dad thing about this story: Instead, it’s that the dad happened upon a bunch of brownies and then proceeded to eat four of them in a row.

Dad Accidentally Eats Pot Brownies, Yells at Cat