The New Emoji Are Out and They Actually Recognize That Women Play Sports and Exercise

Photo: Apple

Currently, female emoji are limited to thrilling options like bride, princess, dancer, bunny ears, and information-desk person. That’s changing as of today: Apple has released more than 100 new and redesigned emoji in iOS 10.2 that will finally (finally!) include female professionals and athletes. They first announced the updates in August.

There are now female detectives, police officers, construction workers, as well as runners, swimmers, surfers, basketball players, cyclists, and weight lifters — all in multiple skin tones. Apple added several new professions, too, including artist, astronaut, judge, scientist, pilot, and firefighter. There are also single-parent families and a rainbow pride flag.

In July, Google announced that a future Android OS will include female versions of 33 existing characters and add 11 new female professional characters. So who’s going to be the first to design the wage-gap emoji?

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New Emoji Recognize That Women Have Jobs and Work Out