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Eric Trump Says Ivanka ‘Wouldn’t Allow Herself’ to Be Subjected to Sexual Harassment

Brother Malfoy speaks.
Brother Malfoy speaks. Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

On Monday, Donald Trump continued his pattern of victim-blaming when he told USA Today that, should his daughter — Ivanka Trump — be sexually harassed at work, he would, “like to think she would find another career or find another company.” That was in response to a question about whether he still stands behind ex–Fox CEO Roger Ailes, who’s been accused of multiple instances of sexual harassment, and whom Trump recently called a “very, very good person.”

And apparently Trump’s stance on workplace harassment runs in the family — on Tuesday his son Eric Trump backed him up during an interview with CBS.

“With respect to the Roger Ailes question and Ivanka … Does your father stick by what he said?” CBS’s Charlie Rose asked. “Or does he think perhaps a better answer would be that [sexual harassment] ought to be brought to the attention of human resources [and] that there are other things we can do?”

“I think what he is saying is Ivanka is a strong, powerful woman,” Trump replied. “She wouldn’t allow herself to be subjected to it.”

He added that someone who’s being harassed at work should “certainly take it up with human resources” — something Ivanka, as a “strong person,” would certainly do. Of course, women won’t have to worry about workplace harassment if they don’t work at all. After all, putting a wife to work is a dangerous thing.

Eric Trump: Ivanka Too Strong to Be Harassed